Mysteries in History

"I don't speak your language, and you don't speak mine. But I still understand you. I don't need to walk in your footsteps if I can see the footprints you left behind."

- Shoshone Saying

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Throughout history there are countless unsolved mysteries that have captivated generations. From the Voynich Manuscript to the Pyramid of Giza to Stonehenge, here at Mysteries in History we try to take a stab at solving some of these perplexing puzzles using modern day science, anthropology and archaeology. The mysteries range in time from ancient history which includes civilizations from pre-history such as the Mayan up until the modern day with disappearances such as Amelia Earhart and Jimmy Hoffa. But the list extends so much more beyond that.

As humans we tend to think we are masters of the universe, great builders of civilization and other achievements. However, we actually know remarkably little about who we are, why we are here and even our own past history. In recent times there has been much effort to understand the truth and context of early human history and several scientific and academic fields have sprung up that are aimed at exactly this. To understand the many mysteries throughout history it is important to figure out which time period you want to examine first.


Humans have existed for a small sliver of the entire history of the universe. Most people will not even acknowledge our really ancient ancestors. However, from cosmic impacts to evolution to where language and the brain came from, pre-history is full of mysteries that archaeology is trying desperately to solve. Using modern day scientific techniques along with cutting edge fields such as nano-chemistry and medical science, the early past of humans is becoming more clear as we learn exactly who we are and where we have come from. It is important to understand where we are coming from if we are to be prepared for our future.

Pre-history - Dinosaur Extinction

Pre-history does not just include humans however, there are also many species that existed on Earth for millions of years, most notably the dinosaurs. However, in on dramatic fashion, these reptilian beasts were wiped out and replaced with small mammals, that continued to develop into the species that populates the Earth today.

Ancient History

As much as we like to think we understand the past and where we come from as humans, there are still a lot of unsolved mysteries out there. This section of the website explores the many different ancient mysteries out there. Between the civilization collapses, to ancient cities down to the magnificent structures within them, the ancient history section explores all manner of unexplained in our past, hoping to uncover the truth for future generations.

Ancient History - Stone Henge View

The mysteries of ancient times are somewhat unique in that they are given outrageous theories for how they were created, from aliens to time travel. We mean to prove all these theories incorrect and give the proper explanation for what occurred. Here at Mysteries in History we study ancient humans through the civilizations and the culture that defined each group.

We examine the archaeological remains of cities and artifacts along with contemporary, historical records in order to determine the truth of what happened. From Alexander the Great to Caesar, there are many great unsolved mysteries of the past that still intrigue people today.

Mysteries in History - Voynich Manuscript Foldout

Feel free to browse around any of the starting points for the ancient world. Each page has dozens of links to other pages so you can easily bounce around and really discover the ancient past. Complete with textbook quality images such as historical paintings and contemporary graphic images backed by the History Archive we hope to document the past in a way never seen before through the creation of digital museums, explorable by everyone, everywhere.

Biblical Mysteries

A sub section to the mysteries in ancient history is the biblical mysteries. While these stories were written in the ancient times many of the stories they describe are shrouded in mystery, half truths and copied from previous works. This section is all about unraveling the true history behind the ancient religious texts and attempting to make some sense of what they describe in comparison to the true course of history.

What you will find surprising is what stories are real, which ones fabricated and which ones stolen. From David and Goliath to Sodom and Gommorah to Moses and the 10 Plagues we cover it all here. Learn more about the biblical mysteries of the ancient world by clicking here.

Modern History

There are just as many mysteries in the modern era as there were in the ancient era. However, there are of a much different nature as they usually involve the disappearance or murder of someone, a government coverup or a complete and utter hoax that some people believe as real. You can read more about our personal investigations into many of the mysteries of the modern age.

Natural Phenomenon

While not necessarily of human design or construction, there are still many natural phenomena out there that beg for speculation and wild theories. However, natural phenomena are usually easier to explain than human mysteries. This is because modern day science has come a long way and can answer nearly every question we have regarding the universe. You can check out more mysterious phenomena here.